My name is Ish Brew and Camp Little Shot has been my second family since 2000.  I was introduced to camp by one of my nursing school instructors, Dr. Ann Wright, after expressing interest in diabetes.  I’m not diabetic, but I do have family members with the disease, and as an RN, I take care of many patients suffering from complications from diabetes.  I hope the education provided at Camp Little Shot will keep my campers from becoming my patients in the future.
I enjoy being a part of CLS because not only does it keep me well informed, but it also gives me a chance to be part of a wonderful family.  I come from a country where women with diabetes are currently advised against conception and childbearing due to minimum knowledge and lack of resources for better care.  Being involved with CLS gives me hope that one day all this will change and that I will be able to help diabetics in my country take better care of themselves.