We are Camp Little Shot –

A Free Camp for Children Living with Diabetes

Elizabeth Jones, RN

Camp Little Shot

Please Help Keep Camp Free for all Children Living with Diabetes!

Education at Camp

The major goal with camp is to educate the campers on being the healthiest diabetic possible. We instill in them positive self esteem and a “can do” spirit vs. a “I can’t, I have diabetes”.

Controlling Low Blood Sugars

Low blood sugars are part of the Type I diabetic life, however, knowing why the sugar is dropping and how to treat is very important. Often times we talk with the campers or show past blood sugar logs and point out why they are having lows. we review meals and exercise to show how it all works together.

Long Term Complications

The classes are divided age appropriate. As a camper advances the discussion about their progress,Type I also progresses.  This is to ensure conventional education and remind them that they must always be in control of it. Amazing questions and answers have come out of these classes, all with hopes of empowering better self control.


We explore food choices that will help keep their blood sugars near normal. Campers will learn carbohydrate counseling, picking snacks or meals they like. Create healthy menus and even food games and grocery store games.

Physical Activity

Movement is vitally important. Either in sports teams or on their own, we show campers how exercise decreases their blood sugars and helps keep it in control. We also teach how to stay safe during exercise while not letting the glucose level get too low.


There are a variety of medications and pumps to help control Type I diabetes. At camp we discuss and show these meds. Many of the campers themselves share how they manage their diabetes either with a pump or without.