My name is Jim Tyner and I have grown up at Camp Little Shot. Everyone at camp just calls me Tyner (I don’t think anyone actually knows my first name). The only person that has attended camp longer than me is Dr. Jones. I started as a camper in 1985 and moved up to become a counselor after my high school graduation in 1990 from First Presbyterian Day School. I continued helping with camp while I attended Mercer University. When we started Adventure Camp, I moved “across the street” to help with the older campers. When I come to camp, I bring the whole family. My brother, Dan, is now the assistant director, my wife Stephanie is a counselor for the junior camp. My parents have a cook-out at camp every year for all the campers. We even have some friends come and help with the cooking every year. Stephanie and I live in Macon and have a beautiful daughter, Catherine. I am a network administrator for McNair, McLemore and Middlebrooks. I enjoy waterskiing, scuba diving and old cars.

I hope that every child that attends Camp Little Shot feels the love that I have known. When I was a camper, seeing others my age going through things in life as well as with diabetes was a priceless experience. Important lessons on caring for myself were learned coupled with more fun than can be described in these short sentences. The things I learned at camp stay with me to this day. To say Camp Little Shot has been and still is an influence in my life is an understatement. I consider everyone on the staff a part of my family. I hope more campers will come back year after year to share the love and support that Dr. Jones, E and all of Camp Little Shot staff have freely given over the years.