I am a elementary general music teacher and music therapist currently working in the Bibb County Public school system.  I have been a counselor at Camp Little Shot for five years.  I work with the junior campers (ages 5-13).  My grandfather has had diabetes all of my life, so I was familiar with this disease before becoming a counselor.  My husband (Jim Tyner) has diabetes, and is a former camper and now a counselor as well.  He is the one who invited me to get involved with CLS.

Ever since I started working at camp, it has meant so much to me–not to mention having a blast!  It can be exhausting sometimes looking after so many little girls at one time.  But, they are so much fun and it is so rewarding to see their positive experiences.  I have overheard some of them saying that before they came to camp they didn’t know anyone with diabetes and now they have lots of friends who have it, too!  The kids and their parents receive valuable health care information to take home with them.  It is my hope that camp impacts the lives of these families to take care of themselves so that they may lead the fullest life they can–inspite of diabetes!  I am so proud to be part of an organization that continues to provide the opportunities to children who would never go to camp otherwise.