My name is Dan Tyner; better known as Counselor Dan. I am the little brother to the Tyner. Camp has always been a part of my brother’s life. I watched him grow up at camp as a camper, then a counselor, and on to heading up the Adventure Camp. When he was asked me to come help with camp in 2002, I of course was deeply honored. This was his world, his home away from home, and he wanted me to be a part of it. I was brought in to simply help with talent show and such and over the years I started doing more and more. I wanted these campers to have the best experience they could each and every year.

We have grown into a family. Campers and counselors alike, know that each year, for five days, they are surround by people who are just like them, have experienced the same things they have, and they have a staff that care about them not only becoming healthier and more aware of their diabetes, but better people in the world around them.

My awesome wife, Carol, and three kids, Melody, Judson, and Tucker, all know when daddy is working on camp stuff and when camp is getting closer. They miss me when I am away but know I am encircled by great friends and family that need me to do an amazing job each and every day at camp and throughout year. I carry the spirit of camp with me everywhere I go and my hope is the campers and counselors do the same!